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Kansas Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

At the law firm of Vinton | Moore, our attorneys know there are other options for divorcing couples than battling it out in court. We regularly assist our clients through the process of Collaborative Law which will help lay the groundwork for their successful futures. When spouses have children together, co-parenting does not end when the children turn 18, and investing in collaborative process allows the parties to implement skills to improve communication for the entirety of their children’s lives.

The Collaborative Divorce practice is a client-centered approach with specific requirements that foster communication and cooperation to achieve the goal of a peaceful and fair dissolution of the marriage.

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

While the Collaborative Law process is not new in Kansas family law, it does require specific, detailed training which Vinton | Moore has completed. Collaborative divorce requires the participants to work together to reach a consensus on all relevant divorce issues without the threat of litigation.

Once an agreement is reached on the property division, and child custody, support (child and spousal), we can submit the agreement to the presiding judge. More often than not, the judge will approve the agreement and incorporate it into the Decree of Divorce without the need for a hearing.

Overview of the Collaborative Process

The Collaborative process is based on three principles

As part of the process, the parties, with the aid of two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach, and a financial neutral work together to come up with solutions to the specific problems facing a family. This “team” approach is meant to encourage the parties to engage in mutually respectful communication and focus on the needs of their children all while problem solving issues in a health manner. This process does require each spouse and their attorney to sign an agreement that they are committing to the collaborative process. If, at any point, one spouse wants to leave the process and initiate litigation, the attorneys must withdraw, and the spouses must start over with new representation. This is costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming, so there is an incentive to commit to the process.

Once you sign an agreement, your “team” is assembled, and the first meeting will be scheduled with all of the team members. Most Collaborative divorces are completed within a few short months which reduces the stress and expense of the divorce process.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

We can assess your situation and advise whether collaborative divorce is right for you and your family.

The collaborative process is particularly helpful in cases involving high assets and when there are significant differences in the partners’ understanding of assets. Complex financial issues can be more easily resolved in this process than in mediation or even litigation. Additionally, children with special needs or other situations that require creative “out of the box” thinking are great for Collaborative Law as we can work to come up with solutions that are tailored to your family.

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