Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Kansas Orders for Protection

Lenexa Domestic Abuse Lawyer

If you are being victimized by a loved one—a husband or wife, a boyfriend or girlfriend—you can get help, but you need to take the first step. YOU need to ask for help. Call Vinton | Moore, LLC in Lenexa, Kansas at (913) 317-8999.

Valerie Moore, is a Kansas family law attorney with over seven years of experience advocating for the rights of women, children and men who have been the victims of domestic violence, verbal abuse, psychological abuse or physical assault. As your attorney, she will work with you to ensure we have the evidence we need to prove:

Please do not delay to seek legal help if you have been threatened or hurt. We can help you get protection from the court and represent you in PFA (Protection from Abuse) or PFS (Protection from Stalking) hearings. Contact us.

Domestic Violence and the Courts

Domestic battery cases have two distinctly different elements: a criminal case and a civil case. Once you have brought a domestic battery case to the police, the State of Kansas will bring the criminal charges, not you. From that point forward, you cannot get the charges dismissed. Your abuser will need an attorney to fight the charges in criminal court.

If you file a Protection from Abuse action, you are bringing a civil action against your abuser and you have more control over what will happen in court. Your PFA or PFS will be temporary and you will need to renew it if it continues to be needed.

Domestic Violence Charges and Divorce

It’s not uncommon for people to feel that their safety is in question during the tumultuous period around a divorce. A Protection from Abuse order is available to you during divorce, but you should know that it could complicate divorce proceedings.

Before you file for Protection from Abuse in a domestic violence situation, talk with us about whether divorce might be a more effective and permanent solution that offers you and your children greater safety. As your divorce lawyers, we can suggest many options to you that are not available with a protective order.

We can work through the family court to request a custody evaluation, to request mandatory counseling and anger management, or to request drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment. These can lead to more lasting change than a temporary restraining order.

Contact our Vinton | Moore Attorneys to talk about how best to move forward ensuring your safety tomorrow and beyond.

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