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You might believe that having a last will and testament is only important for seniors or very wealthy individuals. This is a common misconception. Every adult can benefit from having a will, even if you are young, unmarried, and have little property.

Wills serve many purposes and can benefit your surviving family members after you pass away, making things much easier for them. A will can be quite simple, or it can include detailed instructions.

What is most important is that you discuss your will with a Kansas wills lawyer who can assist with the entire process. Consult with Vinton | Moore, Attorneys at Law, about our services today.

Why Have a Will?

Wills might not seem important if you do not have a lot of assets or property or children to leave your assets to. However, wills can provide immense relief for family members after a loved one’s death.

For example, if you die without a will, your assets and property will be distributed according to intestacy laws in Kansas. This means that property might go to heirs that you would not choose to benefit from your estate.

Further, without a will, the probate court will have to appoint someone to administer your estate before the process can begin. In some situations, family members might disagree on who should fill this role, or someone might fight for the position with self-serving intentions. With a will, you can carefully consider and designate someone to be the executor, saving any potential conflicts and speeding up the process.

Additionally, if you have minor children, the court will need to appoint someone to become their guardian if their other parent is also deceased or unfit. This, too, can create family conflicts over who should care for your children. You can use your will to make this designation ahead of time, minimizing the possible complications for your children in an already difficult time.

Creating Your Will

Wills are governed by state statutes. Kansas law sets out specific requirements for wills; otherwise, the probate court might not enforce a will. We ensure that your will is properly executed so you do not have to worry about the probate court throwing it out. We also assist you in considering executor designations, beneficiaries, distributions, and more, to ensure your will accurately and effectively reflect your goals.

Will Contests

Some beneficiaries might question whether their loved one’s will properly reflect their wishes. Undue influence, fraud, and other misconduct might lead to a will that unlawfully benefits certain people to the detriment of rightful beneficiaries. In these cases, a concerned beneficiary or heir might file a will contest with the probate court to render the part or all of a will unenforceable.

If you have concerns about a will or are an executor facing a will contest, our legal team can assist you in protecting yourself and the estate.

A Kansas Wills Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Family

At Vinton | Moore, Attorneys at Law, we address all matters related to wills and other estate planning documents. If you need to draft or modify a will, please do not hesitate to reach out to our legal team for a consultation today.

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