High Asset Divorce

Kansas High-Asset Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is complicated and difficult regardless of how much money and assets are involved. However, high-asset divorces are even more thorny as they often involve complex assets, intellectual property, deferred stock options, restricted stock shares, passive earnings, and/or family-owned businesses and require handling by a divorce attorney who has experience dealing with high-asset divorces.

The Kansas high-asset divorce attorneys at Vinton | Moore have the necessary experience and resources to handle complex high-asset divorce cases. We know how contentious and drawn-out such divorces can be, and we know what to do to make the entire process easier for you while protecting your best interests.

Why Kansas High Asset Divorce Cases Are Immensely Challenging

The same divorce laws apply to all divorce cases, regardless of the amount of assets involved. But high asset divorces can get especially complex because of the amount and types of assets that require valuation and division and due to the following factors:

The Various Laws Applicable to The Divorce Case

Since affluent couples typically amass a range of assets, their divorce cases will involve various laws. Different laws may apply to dividing stock shares, foreign holdings, trusts, charitable interests, numerous properties, art collections, and closely held business interests. These types of assets may be more difficult to define and value. It may be necessary to value assets differently as a result of the various tax consequences and/or restrictions regarding the division of the asset. .

The Inclusion of Third Parties

Affluent families often share generational and joint wealth, which can make a high-asset divorce even more complicated. Further, ownership of certain assets may be more difficult to ascertain as children, siblings, and other family members may have a financial interest in the couple’s assets. Some may even have a valid claim to the divorcing couple’s assets. Having experienced attorneys will ensure that the assets are properly divided taking into account all of these complex scenarios.

Jurisdictional Issues

Affluent couples may have money, investments, land, businesses, and other assets in different states or countries. This means that their assets may be split across multiple jurisdictions. Divorces are usually jurisdiction-specific, and this may complicate matters even further.

How Our Kansas High Asset Divorce Attorneys Can Help

Our Kansas high-asset divorce attorneys routinely work with top property valuation professionals, forensic accountants, and other relevant experts to ensure that your assets will be protected during your divorce. We will also:

The Kansas high-asset divorce attorneys at Vinton | Moore will ensure that your divorce runs smoothly and will work to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. To set up your case evaluation, dial 913-317-8999 or contact us online.

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