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Representation in Kansas Juvenile Court

Terms You Should Know

Guardian ad litem: A lawyer who represents your child in court for free.

Diversion: In juvenile crime cases, if the young person is sentenced to a diversion program and he or she successfully completes it, there will be no permanent court record. Different diversion programs have different requirements, which may include work, study, treatment, or counseling.

Probation: In a juvenile law case, if the young person is assigned to probation he or she will be required to complete specific activities and to check in with a probation officer at a specified time. Probation does appear on a juvenile’s criminal record.

SRS Custody: If a child is removed from your home, he or she is placed in the custody of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS).

Case Plan: If your children have been removed from your care, you and your attorney will work with a social worker to develop a case plan to resolve the problems in your home so your children can be returned.

Reintegration Plan: If you have followed your case plan, a formal plan will be approved by the court to get your children returned to your home.

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