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The decisions reached in family law matters have a long-lasting impact on the adults and children involved. Why trust a judge, who doesn’t know you or your children, to make these important decisions for you? With the right kind of help and support, you can reach agreements with your former partner.

We at Vinton | Moore Attorneys at Law, LLC, are Lenexa, Kansas, family law attorneys trained in mediation and in the collaborative divorce process. We can help you and your former partner or spouse work together to reach agreements in divorce, child custody cases, and property division (including property division for non-traditional families). Contact us to schedule a consultation.

What is the Difference between Mediation and Collaborative Law

Divorce Mediation : As an attorney mediator, we do not represent either side in a legal capacity. My role is to act as a neutral third-party assisting the two parties in reaching a settlement agreement. We can mediate whatever issues the parties desire. There are no restraints on the topics we cover during a mediation session.

Mediation is confidential so you can address concerns without fear that what you say in mediation will be used against you later. Additionally, as an experienced family lawyer we are able to provide realistic information during the mediation process so you will understand the legal issues and can make decisions that will be accepted by the divorce court judge.

Collaborative Law : This process is still somewhat new in Kansas. When couples choose to use the collaborative divorce process, they each have their own attorney and the four people sit down together to work out a resolution. If experts are needed to understand financial and business matters or the needs of children, the couple will agree on the expert to be hired.

The collaborative process is particularly helpful in cases involving high assets and when there are significant differences in the partners’ understanding of assets.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Law

If you have questions about whether mediation or collaborative law will work for your specific family law situation, contact our office to schedule a visit.

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