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Sometimes DNA testing is required to prove the parentage of a child. Mothers and alleged fathers have different legal concerns when it comes to paternity. A man may wish to take a paternity test to prove he is the child’s father, and to seek child custody rights. A mother may wish to enforce a paternity test so the identity of the father is known and child support can be enforced.

In either case, paternity is a legal issue that affects families. We at Vinton | Moore, help both men and women in paternity matters. Contact our law office in Lenexa, Kansas to find out how our legal services can help you make positive decisions about the life of your child.

Paternity Services for Alleged Fathers

If you suspect you are the father of a child, DNA testing is the most effective way of proving parentage. Once the identity of a father is established, he can seek parental rights, including child custody and visitation. Additionally, a mother can enforce child support payments once the father’s identity is known.

At Vinton | Moore Attorneys at Law, LLC, we provide legal services to men who are looking to determine parentage of a child through a DNA test. Once the identity of a father is established, we can assist in child custody, visitation, and child support matters.

Paternity Services for Mothers

We provide legal representation to single mothers looking to establish the identity of their child’s father. It can be hard to support a child on only one income. Once the identity of the father has been legally established, we work with mothers to enforce child support payments from the father.

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