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Kansas Probate Attorneys

Probate is usually an overwhelming and complicated legal process that requires gathering tons of documents, completing detailed forms, multiple court appointments, and a thorough understanding of the Kansas Probate Code. The last thing you want to do after losing a loved one is to handle complex financial and legal issues related to their estate while you are still grieving.

This is where the legal guidance of the experienced Kansas probate attorneys at Vinton | Moore can be helpful. If you’ve yet to discuss your situation with our Kansas probate attorneys, here’s what you need to know about the probate process and what we can do for you.

The Kansas Probate Process in a Nutshell

The Kansas probate process involves administering a deceased person’s estate and distributing the assets they left behind to the beneficiaries and heirs. It normally involves multiple filings and hearings in probate court. Very broadly, the following tasks must be completed during the probate process:

There is usually a valid will that details the instructions for this. However, sometimes the decedent did not have a trust or will (called “dying intestate”), which means the Court will follow Kansas’ intestacy laws. But even in cases where the deceased left a valid will, disputes and conflicts may arise between family members and heirs.

How Our Kansas Probate Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

When you work with the Kansas probate attorneys at Vinton | Moore they will assist you in managing the entire probate process. They will:

Our Kansas probate attorneys can likewise help you navigate these complications should they arise during the probate process:

Consult With Our Seasoned Kansas Probate Attorneys

Give yourself and your family the time you need to grieve for your loved one and leave all the probate matters to the hands of our capable Kansas probate attorneys. Reach Vinton | Moore, online or call 913-317-8999 to schedule your case review today.

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